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QR Codes are everywhere

If seems anywhere you turn there is a QR code. The proliferation of QR codes is undeniable.

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QQWIK strives to exceed your expectations and is committed to raising the bar for QR code generation and tracking. We provide easy generation of static and dynamic QR codes with indepth analytics so you can know in realtime which QR code is working best for you.

As QR code creators and consumers ourselves, we recognize the benefit of doing QR codes the right way.


Services We Offer

Our QR Code generation and tracking service provides an all-in-one solution for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their marketing and operational efficiency. We offer a versatile range of QR code options including dynamic, static, and customizable designs tailored to suit every branding requirement. Whether you're looking to promote a new product, simplify event check-ins, or direct customers to a menu or website, our QR codes are designed to boost user engagement and streamline interactions. Our platform also supports the creation of QR codes for a variety of content types such as URLs, text, email, SMS, and Wi-Fi access, ensuring that you can connect with your audience in the most effective way possible.

In addition to QR code generation, our service includes comprehensive tracking capabilities that provide real-time analytics to help you understand how your codes are performing. This feature allows you to track scans by date, location, and device type, giving you valuable insights into user behavior and campaign effectiveness. With our intuitive dashboard, you can easily manage your QR codes, monitor their usage statistics, and adjust your strategies based on accurate data. This holistic approach not only enhances customer engagement but also empowers you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.


Static QR Codes

Static QR code creation offers a straightforward and reliable way to link users to your content with a simple scan. Unlike dynamic QR codes, static QR codes direct users to a fixed URL or information and do not allow for editing once created. Static QR Codes support a varierty of content types such as SMS, vCard, email, and Wi-Fi access, just to name a few.


Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR code creation provides a flexible and powerful tool for modern marketing and information distribution. These QR codes are unique in that they allow you to change the destination URL or content linked to the QR code without altering the code itself, enabling ongoing updates and adjustments. This feature is particularly useful for marketing campaigns, customer feedback forms, or any application where information needs to be updated regularly. Dynamic QR codes also enable detailed tracking of scans, including time, location, and device type, offering valuable insights into user engagement and the effectiveness of your content.


Tracking & Analytics

Tracking and analytics for dynamic QR codes transform simple scans into a treasure trove of actionable data, enhancing strategic decision-making for businesses. By monitoring how, when, and where each QR code is scanned, companies can gain deep insights into user behaviors and campaign performance. This data includes metrics such as scan frequency, geographical locations, and the types of devices used, providing a comprehensive overview of engagement levels. Armed with this information, marketers can refine their approaches, target specific demographics more effectively, and optimize their promotional activities to maximize return on investment.

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